Closing the Garbage Dump that drains into Lake Amatitlan, a good first step



The government plans to close down the garbage dump at Lake Amatitlan. That is a good thing. During a tour of the water treatment facilities of the lake (and yes they do exist), they seemed a bit pointless seeing as there is a giant dump that sits just uphill from the lake. The dump receives the majority of the metropolitan area’s garbage, according to the article linked to above.  And while I’m sure that most people familiar with Amatitlan might assume it is beyond fixing—after all, the water, when stirred up, emits a sort of radioactive green hue and has basically served as an open sewer for the entire municipal area for the past 60 years—the government agency in charge of the lake, AMSA, is at least starting to do some cleanup. Having the municipal garbage dump drain directly into the lake always seemed like a slight hindrance to those plans.

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