Guatemala slides in Transparency International’s 2013 Corruption Perception Index

Guatemala slid from number 113 to 123 on the 2013 CPI. On a scale from 0 (most corrupt) to 100, it also lost 4 points from 33 to 29, among the worst in Latin America. Venezuela, Paraguay, Honduras and Nicaragua were the worst ranked countries in Latin America. Uruguay and Chile were the top ranked in the region.

There are a lot of problems with Transparency International’s index and this is not an endorsement of their findings. Obviously actual corruption is impossible to track, so this measures the perception of corruption in the public sector based on 13 sources that are almost exclusively made up of Western organizations who in turn get their information from the business community and country experts, not regular citizens of the country. This, as should be obvious, creates a lot of problems. Anyway, the index draws criticism from a lot of people (here and here) and many people have called for its abolishment. But we all love a list and it’s a lot easier to report on. And yes, I know, I’m doing it too.

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