Guatemala or the US?

This article in Prensa Libre today laments the sorry state of Guatemala today. The intro reads:

Existing laws are not enforced, political parties do not Respond to legitimate popular demands, lack of government institutions, corruption, bureaucrats hired for political favors and the lack of a national plan to be respected by different administrations are some of the factors that weaken the State of Guatemala.(my translation)

(Leyes vigentes que no se cumplen, partidos políticos que no trasladan las legítimas demandas populares, ausencia de instituciones de gobierno, corrupción, burócratas contratados por deudas o favores políticos y la carencia de un plan de nación que sea respetado gobierno tras gobierno son algunos de los factores que debilitan al Estado de Guatemala.)

I’d say that is a pretty good description of the state of US government today (or maybe Spain).


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