Cleaner Buses in Guatemala City


Guatemala City buses are in a sort of transition right now. The old red buses, known as killer tomatoes, still operate in the majority of the city. But two other services, the Transmetro and Transurbano, have improved on the old red Mercedes buses that spit out more thick clouds of black exhaust.

Transurbano, which I’ve never taken, is a regular bus but operates with heightened security and cleaner (environmentally) buses.

Transmetro, which opened in 2007, has its own bus lane (physically separate—mostly—from the road) and stops along designated platforms that are more reminiscent of subway stops than any normal bus. Each stop is stationed with a transit police officer and has a regular turnstile entrance where you pay 1 quetzal (something like 12 US cents). Starting this week, the system will be using new buses that pollute less, consume half as much gas, and even have wi-fi on board. Pretty posh.

Any more towards buses that pollute less is a welcome change for this city.

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