Guatemala’s Vice President is really rich for a career politician

The vice president, Roxana Baldetti, has been getting some unwanted attention lately as ElPeriodico renews their investigations into her unexplained wealth. Yesterday she was a no show yesterday at a Children’s Hospital where the press was eagerly awaiting her for questioning. After President Otto Pérez Molina told Jorge Ramos that he would hold his hands to the fire in defense of his Vice President’s integrity, journalists here are asking the obvious question–why doesn’t she just release the documents showing where her money came from if that is the case? She has oddly told journalists to go look at the document proving her wealth for themselves. She tried to claim that they were free for everyone to see at the government tax offices. It was a strange request. After all, that is a lie. They are not. 

She is referring to a document that all government officials are required to fill out as of 2011 in an effort to increase transparency. According to ElPeriodico, Baldetti owns five properties and a helicopter worth over $13 million. Not a bad haul for someone who has been in politics for the past two decades and before that was a substitute teacher and later a journalist. As far as I can tell, her husband is not the source of this money. 

I’ll leave you with the original report on the corruption of this administration, published in April.

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